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5-Week Mindfulness At Work Program

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With the speed of distractions today, our attention is under constant siege.  Research shows that 47% of the time, we are mentally off task.  Said another way, we spend half our time on autopilot.  We tend to do or say things we later regret when on autopilot.

 What if you could get one second ahead of distractions and avoid autopilot?  What if you could avoid action addiction and multitasking?  What if you could feel better at work?  The good news is we can.  The key is to train the mind to be more focused and clear.

 Each 75-minute session will be held in DES Room 1213 from 9:30 to 10:45 and will cover a mental strategy, mindfulness training and work techniques to use in the workplace immediately:

  • 9/17/18 Session 1 - Presence, Mindfulness Practice Foundation, Mindful Planning and Prioritization
  • 9/24/18 Session 2 - Patience, Mindfulness Practice (Relaxation), Mindful Communication
  • 10/1/18 Session 3 - Beginner’s Mind, Mindfulness Practice (Focus), Creativity and Innovation
  • 10/8/18 Session 4 - Acceptance, Mindfulness Practice (Clarity), Mindful Emailing and Digital Communication
  • 10/15/18 Session 5 - Joy, Mindfulness Practice (Open Awareness), Work Life Balance

This series will be led by Vicki Oyadomari, Senior Trainer, Potential Project, and Principal, The Athena Group

This 5-week program is brought to you by DES G2G Lean Consulting in collaboration with The Athena Group.