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Free Webinar: Enhancing Performance at Work With Mindfulness

In this webinar, delivered by Vicki Oyadomari, Senior Trainer, Potential Project, you’ll receive:

  • practical information regarding the nature of the mind and the nature of our attention
  • practical tools and techniques to integrate mindfulness into daily work-life
  • basic mindfulness training with specific workplace application

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We need tools to help us maintain focus, clarity, and calm at work. Mindfulness is an ancient technique that can help us be more effective, creative, collaborative, and kind. In this webcast, we will share stories from working with companies like Microsoft and KPMG to enhance employee well-being and performance with mindfulness. The webcast will look at the science and practice of mindfulness. It will include strategies for immediate application, as well as tips on how to introduce mindfulness in your organization. 

Potential Project recently developed a brief mindfulness assessment that came out in Harvard Business Review.  Learn your baseline and how you can improve from here.

 Read this article to learn why smart people underperform and how this webinar can help you perform better at work.

This webinar is brought to you by DES G2G Lean Consulting in collaboration with The Athena Group.