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Executing Strategy in the Midst of Daily Urgencies

Free Lean Thinking Skills Workshop for Government Leaders delivered by Chris Anibarro, Founder of Impact Consultancy and member of the DES G2G Lean Consulting team!

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Executing strategic priorities in the midst of daily emergencies is challenging.  The whirlwind of urgent activity needed to keep things running day-to-day can devour all the time and energy required to invest in your strategy for tomorrow.  This leaves some teams with unfinished goals and projects at the end of the year despite all the effort they make to juggle multiple and often competing priorities.  GOOD NEWS: It doesn’t need to be this way.  

Come to this workshop and you'll learn:

  • About the 4 Keys of Strategy Execution, a simple, repeatable and proven system designed to focus your organization and free up time & capacity

  • To build excitement and adoption for your strategy and goals

  • To engage staff to have more focus and commitment to fulfill on organizational goals

  • To redirect your resources (time, money, and staff) towards the right activities that will execute the strategy